eOrder–Order Booking App

eOrder is an Android based Order Booking application to facilitate distributors to take orders from their customers using Android mobile/Tablets. It provides the ability to perform order booking functionalities including Sale, Sale Order, Sale Return, Receipt, Purchase, Purchase order, Purchase Return, and more in one place. eOrder is available in online as well as offline versions. Online version is usually for medium to large distributors, and will work in collaboration with BizzTrax website to synchronize the data between order booker and the distributors.



  • Android based flexible ordering system.
  • Ability to Create, View, Modify and Delete Sale Order.
  • Ability to Create, View, Modify and Delete Receipt.
  • Variety of Utilities including Synchronize, Upload, Backup and Restore data locally as well as online via BizzTrax web portal.
  • Capability to add items and their quantity.
  • View historical Sale, Sale Return, Receipt.
  • Product, Customer, Sale Wise filtration availability.
  • A number of comprehensive reports including but not limited to:
    Customer, Product & Area wise Sale
    Stock in Hand
    Time Stamping – Keep track of booker time spent in Market, Total number of order/invoices record etc.


Business Benefits

  • Eliminate ordering headaches with eOrder, a replenishment tool that greatly simplifies and reduces the costs of ordering.
  • Reduce ordering time by up to 60%.
  • Eliminate Ordering Errors.
  • Distributors have the ability to manage and track their Orders & Sales with a variety of reporting capabilities.
  • Built in accounting and reporting so distributors can make timely, informed decisions and stay on top of their cash flow and financial performance.
  • Anywhere, anytime access.
  • Understand your sales patterns better so that you can anticipate and respond to future demand more easily.
  • Increase accuracy of picking and dispatch, making your customers happier.


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