Dec 2017

Awareness Session On Workplace Ergonomics By Waqar Akbar At Efrotech:

Team EfroTech is all geared up for another interesting yet knowledgeable session on “Workplace Ergonomics" by WAQAR AKBAR who is a Doctoral Candidate at University of Malaya, TimeTrax Certified Trainer and HRIS consultant. It is scheduled on Thursday, 28th Dec 2017 from 3:00-5:00 pm at EfroTech.

The detailed awareness and training session will provide HR professionals with deep insights on Ergonomics and its significance to minimize the risk of injury. The designed activities include Ergonomic Diagnostic Test, Setting up an Ergonomic Workstation, Video Exercises, Questions and Answers session and much more. It would absolutely be an interactive and worth attending session to bring about a change in respective organizations.

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